Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pandan Man-tou 班兰馒头


食谱是从Florence 那里找到的。 我把班兰叶和所需牛奶一起放进blender 搅碎,再隔汁备用。这次面团做得太软了,加多了牛奶(班兰叶汁),很难整形。



Dough Starter 中种面团
75g cake flour 特幼粉
25g plain flour 面粉
pinch of salt 盐
1/4 tsp yeast 酵母
55g water 水

Method: I put all these into my mixer , knead till smooth. Then prove the dough in a covered bowl for at least 45 minutes.

Main Dough 主面团
175ml milk 牛奶
70g sugar 糖
200g plain flour 面粉
100g cake flour 特幼粉
5g yeast 酵母
70g dough starter 中种面团
1 tbsp corn oil 蜀米油

  1. Put in all the ingredients except the oil into the mixer. When the dough gathers into a ball, add in the oil and let the machine do its kneading till smooth. 将所有材料除了蜀米油打至成团后,加入蜀米油打至光滑。
  2. Remove dough from mixer, roll into a flat sheet then roll it up swiss roll style. 将面团擀扁再卷成瑞士卷。
  3. Cut into pieces of about 50g each and put it on a piece of square greaseproof paper. Place them in a steamer, make sure you leave enough room between each mantou for expansion during its final prove. 将面团切成每份重约50g,放在纸上,排入蒸笼内。
  4. Prove for 45 minutes before steaming on medium heat for 15 minutes.盖上锅盖后发酵45分钟,然后用中火蒸15分钟。

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